Makeup by Mahkalya

Cosmetic Artistry Reveals Your Inner Beauty.

Mahkayla Queen is a self-taught makeup artist with 4+ years of experience in the industry. Enhancing natural beauty and ensuring women feel their best with or without makeup is Mahkayla’s top priority when working with her female clients.

But that’s not where her talent ends. Mahkayla also has experience making men look their best on camera as well. Whether it’s taking a shine off of a nose for a headshot or corporate video or applying “guy-liner” for a music video, she can accentuate your best features.

Wedding plans? The bridesmaid dresses may match but what about their faces? Mahkayla can work with the bride to choose and apply make-up to the entire bridal party for a consistent look. We all have that one friend who may show up with raccoon eyes or lipstick three shades darker than everyone else. When booking your services with Streeter Studios for your photography and videography needs, mention you would like a makeup quote or contact Mahkayla directly at: